One company asked me to create a responsive carousel as part of the assessment process. Here is the result:

  1. Single Column
  2. Two Columns
  3. Three Columns
  4. Four Columns
  5. No script example

Tools used:

  1. Sublime Editor
  2. JS Lint
  3. W3C Validator

Potential Improvements:

  1. I have a more robust plugin template, however it seemed overkill for this basic example.
  2. Definitely could add more features in the way of public methods.
  3. Include touch screen support.
  4. Lazy load images for large carousels.
  5. Add paging or bullets below slides.
  6. Drop any images.
  7. All CSS should be in SASS.


Poster Test

More recently I was given a .pdf and told to make a responsive poster:

Here is the result: Poster

Open Source

Inbetween other work I've have been developing an opensource forms project. The project aims to allow accessible forms to be created that look good on IE8 but also satisfy the considerations for modern retina displays. In addition, all done with pure HTML5 and CSS (SASS). I only add the JavaScript when I absolutely cannot achieve it in CSS: JQForms

Git repo for this is here: Git

Needs some minor addition to work on IE8. Got it working locally, so will update repo. very soon.

I always write very concise code that conforms to standards, is easy to maintain and delights the end user.